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New Zealand’s athletes very excited about the Winter Games

Anna Willcox is a freestyle skier from New Zealand and she along with her “colleague” Corey Peters said that snow-sports athletes from New Zealand are very excited about the forthcoming Winter Games in New Zealand and that they cannot wait to compete against the world’s best…

List of Snow Sports in Olympics

Snow sports are usually played in winters. However, this sports domain has made a niche for itself in Winter Olympics as well. We all know about the regular sports such as sledding, skiing, ice skating. But there are various other sports that most people don’t know about. Let’s take a…

Three exercises to help reduce lower back pain

Many people experience lower back pain that can be quite excruciating at times. Some experience this type of back pain randomly while others have it daily. Lower back pain is commonly associated with stresses and strains on the spine that may eventually lead to degenerative and herniated discs. Exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve flexibility are advised by many doctors. It is important to seek the advice from your doctor if you are experiencing frequent lower back pain. Here are some exercises that can help reduce lower back pain.

The first exercise that is beneficial to reduce lower back pain is swimming. This is an aerobic exercise and it allows the person to stretch all the muscles of the body. If you don’t actually swim, you can do stretching movements while standing in waist-deep water. Exercising in water is perfect for all pain sufferers because it puts less stress on the joints and the buoyancy of the water helps reduce the pressure on the back.

Another aerobic exercise for those how have lower back pain is fast walking. This helps to stretch the back muscles and increase strength which will reduce pain. A person should walk for ½ hour three to five times a week. You should always be able to carry on a conversation, regardless of how fast you are walking but it is advisable to vary the walking speed every 5-10 minutes.

Cycling is another exercise to reduce lower back pain. It has been shown to improve stamina and build muscles in the abdomen, hips and back which will help to relieve some of the tension throughout the body.

Lower back pain it can really get in the way of daily living activities but the importance of exercise cannot be overrated.

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Mohamed "Mo" Farah: long and middle distance runner

Mohamed "Mo" Farah is a Middle-distance and long-distance runner. He was born 23 March 1983. Currently, he is a World, Olympic and European champion in 10.000 and 5.000 meters. In general, Farah competes in 10.000 and 5.000 meter races. However, sometimes he runs 1.500 meters and 3.000…

Phil Mickelson Pushed His Way Into Professional Golf Through A Scholarship

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How Important Are Sports Shoes To Outdoor Sports?

In any outdoor sport, shoes are a very important part. Most people tend to ignore the important role of perfectly fitted sports shoes. It is imperative to have the right sports shoes while taking part in any outdoor sport. The right sports shoes offer a kind of immunity that every sporting…

Rollerblading - what you need to know

Beginner tips for kayaking

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Inline skating and rollerblading

Inline skating has become a widely practiced sport these days, especially by the younger generation. This sport will help keep you healthy, fit, and entertained. The term rollerblading has become known because of the famous company Rollerblade USA which has promoted inline skating at a global level.…

Trekking and what you need to know

Surfing Eyes Problem

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